L&L Products structural adhesive film bonds together CFRP and steel in BMW 7 Series

A recent video uploaded by Composites Today features an application using L&L’s structural adhesive film in the new BMW 7 Series.  At 2 minutes and 45 seconds, the video shows the CFRP part being bonded together by L&L’s structural adhesive film to the steel B-pillar.

By bonding together CFRP and steel, the B-pillar has the ability to withstand high directional forces, meeting extremely stringent safety requirements.  It will not “deform along the carbon fiber strengthening element, instead the interplay of CFRP and steel diverts the impact forces.”

L&L’s structural adhesive film is an epoxy-based, dry-to-the-touch film used for high strength structural bonding.  It has the ability to bond many different substrates and can also prevent galvanic corrosion by using a fleece layer as a spacer.

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